March 18, 2010

Living Beyond Limitations

May be we can’t just flap our arms and fly, but we can invent the airplane
Most people live within their limitations. When hearing a new idea that excites them, the first thought is, “but I can’t do that, because” or “I can do that, but ..”.
There are two types of limitations: internal and external.  
Internal limitations are about self-image and skills .
A clear thinker and social commentator that I know writes about his views. But he holds back, thinking, “I am only an economist”. He is more than that: I learned a lot about social transformation from him. But he won’t let himself live to his full capacity.
Internal limitations are in our heads – they are created by confusion and fear. They are based on past experience.
What if we drop the projection of the past onto the future?
Then “I don’t know how to do that” becomes “I don’t know how to do that yet!”. And “I don’t do that” becomes, I’ve never done that before!”.
Then there are external limitations like,” I want to, but my wife/boss/people around will not agree/support/accept”. Some of them are real. Real limitations are based on who we are. For example, I can’t flap my wings and fly. If we don’t respect real limitations, we put ourselves in danger. But we will not know the difference between our internal and real limitations until we test them. And even if we fail, we learn and grow.
Here are some tips for testing limitations :
• Try to change what you are saying from, " I don't do this"  to “I’ve never done this until now.”
• See yourself as a person who has done certain things in the past, and can do different things now.
• Consider this: If another person can do it, then I can do it. Maybe not as well. But I can work my way up to going to do it well.
• Pick a goal – something new and different – and working to make it happen. To reach a new, different goal, we must work in new, different ways. That means leaving some past limitations in the dust.
• Consider this: If we dream it, we can do it. Maybe we can’t just flap our arms and fly, but we can invent the airplane. Imagination becomes reality. Make your dreams real.
Inspirated by Sid Kemp 

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  1. Limits are in need. I'm sure of it! Without limits there can't be any self-control inside. And the uncontrolled person is not full-valued. That's my own point of view.