March 11, 2010

Add Some Fun into Every Single Day

Over a hundred years ago Einstein proved that everything in the Universe is made out of energy. In more recent years David Hawkins has proved through extensive kinesiological testing that everything and everyone has an energy vibration and that energy vibration changes depending upon how we feel. Our emotions are the energy source that helps us create what we want and sometimes what we also don't want.

When you feel happy you are in a higher energy field. For the most of the people feeling good about themselves and having fun place them into a higher energy field. Now if you only experience one of these states there is a very good chance you will achieve your goal - feel happy.

But how can you think about fun and feel good if you are surrounded by annoying people, problems and so on?
You do it by focusing on one step at a time. As we get older it’s so easy to get caught up in our responsibilities, commitments and caring for others that we forget to have fun, so you may have to do some serious soul searching.
Fun can be reading a book, watching a movie, socialising with friends, playing a sport, taking a dance class. Make a list and keep adding to it. Write down everything you have ever wanted to do, places you want to visit, experiences you want to have. Then start making conscious choices every day to act more courageously. You don’t have to face your greatest fears, just take regular action which requires some courage. This takes you out of the field of fear and into a positive energy field.

Ask yourself what needs to happen for you to feel good about you. For a lot of people self esteem results from achievement, and this is a trap that I’ve fallen into many times. The problem with achievements is that they can always be taken away from you. So focus on who you need to be to feel good about yourself, internal feelings of self worth can never be taken from. Choose some values, define how you would act as that person then commit to living by them.

The more you act on your values the better you feel about yourself. When you let your fears go and you feel good about yourself, you are having fun and you feel happy, you place yourself in a state where miracles can become an everyday event.
Inspirated by Anne Hartley 
Tools and techniques for a happier life
Happiness & Its Causes

5th Annual Conference 
- 5-6 May 2010, Sydney
Happiness & The Human Spirit: 5/5/2010, 12:15, Personal Stories -
Ken Marslew, Founder, Enough is Enough

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