November 26, 2009

Peacemaker Project in Schools NSW

Cranbrook School , Sydney received an award in recognition of their support of the Peacemaker Project from Ken Marslew on Wednesday 25 November 2009 at a special school assembly. Cranbrook school is one of 20 schools across NSW, that were honoured as peacemakers for their active involvement in the Peacemaker Project for the last eight years. Ken congratulated the school on their dedication to building a harmonious school in their local community.

The Peacemaker Project is the schools program that has been taken to over 300 schools across NSW focusing on the issues of personal responsibility, overcoming adversity, facing fear, maintaining self control and building inner strength, resilience and developing leadership skills. The project is comprised of  life skills modules, covering everything from anger management and bullying , drink-driving and binge drinking to sexual violence and gender issues.

The modules are taught by dynamic presenters, many of who have experienced real-life tragedies in their own families through violence, drugs, alcohol or the death of a loved one. All their stories are real.

“Their passion comes from experience and the students respond to that. The people that are with us are people who have turned the single most negative experience in their life into something positive. If you can give kids a message or a role model like that, in today’s environment, then you can give kids hope.” – said Ken Marslew.
The project is offered as a series of sessions and also can be run as an entire day’s program, at the school’s convenience.

“Our mission is to reach as many kids as possible – of any age – to reinforce what they are being taught about on the core values of society.”

Peacemaker Project - Life Skills to Change, Challenge and Save Lives - for every High School Student. Download Peacemaker Project brochure. (PDF 1 MB).

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