September 2, 2011

Dealing with Anger

In dealing with anger two positions are usually taken, neither of which work:
1. Passive non-resistant when others treat you unfairly. This is meaningless false humility, and often encourages the other person to treat you that way.
2. Freely venting anger, when this is done it encourages others to also be angry and respond with resentment.

What to do instead?
We need to be encouraged to take personal inventory, responsibility, and ownership of our anger.


• Respect yourself and others (Treat others like you want to be treated)

• Be honest about your feelings to yourself and don’t hide them from others

• Deal with facts (Don’t dwell in the past)

• Focus on your goals

• Look for common ground and the solution and be willing to negotiate

By Kimi Alcott, taken from Enough is Enough “Promise Keeper” program


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  3. Asserrtiveness is so important. Learning to respect yourself is a great start.