August 5, 2010

Cultural Issues in Society

New Initiates at Enough Is Enough
At Enough Is Enough our Indigenous Programs Coordinator works in the areas of positive behavior change. Our Cultural Co-coordinator has developed two new programs and other initiatives to bring a greater understanding to local communities.

The program ‘Promise Keeper’ was developed in relation to domestic violence. Through our Indigenous Programs Coordinator’s experience and observations this program works with both victims and perpetrators using a holistic approach to domestic and family violence and focuses on taking responsibility and positive attitudes. This program is designed for couples, with a minimum of 5 couples per presentation and is also available for individuals who are wanting to change their behavioral attitudes by finding their own personal solutions and building an understanding and acceptance of other’s views and attitudes.
The ‘Silent Anger’ program is offered to Adult Correctional facilities, Juvenile Justice Centres and Community groups. This presentation is personalised to engage participants with our presenter’s personal and dramatic story of resilience and hope.
With all the talk of late in the media regarding racism, a new initiative is being set up. A planned seminar named ‘What it’s like to be an aboriginal in Australia today’ will focus on bringing indigenous speakers together from different walks of life – for example, a school principal, a sportsperson, company director, a teenager, amongst others. The day will be offered to high school students in particular those studying aboriginal studies. A day will also be offered to business people, teachers, politicians and other interested parties.
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