January 13, 2010

Alcohol & Other Drugs - A Journey of Recovery

Alcohol and Drug issues are in constant view through media and news stories, with these come a lot of miscommunication and misconception about the issues of Alcohol and Drug use.

These issues underlie and create our most important problems as a society. Crime, road trauma, domestic violence, mental health, family/relationships – these issues are complex and often not easily understood by those affected.

Alcohol and drug use can increase and decrease at different times in people’s lives depending on what happens in life – there can be long term or short term alcohol and drug problems and these can be equally problematic. There may be little or no awareness or understanding about underlying or ongoing issues. Often these issues are intertwined with other life problems.

Often people faced with these problems do not know where to get help or what options are available; some services have their limits of availability, or only work in specific areas.

At Enough is Enough we have developed a holistic program to liaise and network with health services in the area (Sutherland Shire). We offer an initial assessment to clients which includes a counselling program, referral to other medical/social services if and when needed and ‘relapse prevention’ support. These are based on the initial client assessment.

We work individually with each client for the best outcome, using different counselling modalities, psycho-education, harm minimisation and/or abstinence strategies. We offer counselling, psychotherapy and psychology within our program.

If you are concerned about your level of alcohol or drug use and would like an assessment or information about Alcohol and drugs or about our program please don’t hesitate to contact our counselling service. We offer a confidential, professional, non judgmental service and our counselling fee is kept to a minimum so that it is available to all members of the community.
Deborah Rollings
Community Development Officer and Cousellor


If you are interesting in finding out more about Enough is Enough and our service please call 02 9542 4029 or contact P.O. Box 799, Sutherland, 1499
or email: counselling@enoughisenough.org.au

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