September 17, 2009

Practical Strategies to Deal with Bullying from Renowned Australian Personalities and Experts - DVD Highlights

Providing practical strategies to effectively deal with bullying was the focus of the Enough is Enough POSITIVE SOLUTIONS Anti-Bullying Conference.

Please watch our short trailer video from the conference.

Speakers include personalities Jessica Rowe, Jason Stevens and John Stanley; renowned anti-bullying expert Professor Ken Rigby, Assistant Commissioner for Corrective Services Luke Grant, and a line-up of professionals covering topics from early intervention strategies to the likely progression to crime and domestic violence when left unchecked. Teenagers Nathan Cassar and Thomasa Wan Lum discuss their personal experiences in overcoming bullying and violence.

This DVD and workbook package is going out to every high school in NSW for FREE. Does your secondary school have their copy yet? If not please order online now and we will send you one out immediately. Don't miss out on your chance to receive a resource to combat bullying in your school.

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